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Grandfather Mountain
Grandfather Mountain in the fall with the first snow of the year covering the mountaintop.

Cloudy Fall Day
Clouds and fog settle in the valleys making for a spectacular view.

Rough Ridge
Spectacular long range views from Rough Ridge.

Fall Views
Trees of every color visible on a clear fall day.

Grandfather Mountain
Summer view of Grandfather Mountain.

Thunderstorm Clouds
Clouds gather as an early spring thunderstorm approaches.

An early morning winter sunrise.

Waterfall in Blowing Rock on a fall afternoon.

Big Tree
Fall view from Ashe County's Big Tree Subdivision.

Grandfather Mountain in a robe of snow and ice.

Elk Knob
View from hiking trail at Elk Knob State Park.

Rock Formation
Hanging rock formation on hiking trail at Elk Park State Park.

The New River
The river itself is tranquil, offering good fishing, canoeing, and inspiring mountain scenery.

Mountain views can vary widely, from long range, to pastoral to riverfront - offering something for everyone.

Limitless Hiking Opportunities
The High Country is full of hiking opportunities from leisurely strolls to strenuous climbs to the top of Grandfather Mountain.

Awe-Inspiring Views
Views such as these are just one of the rewards at the end of your hiking adventure.